We are so proud of our clerical team at ABC Pediatrics. Our Front Office staff members are the first faces our families see in most cases. They’re ready to welcome and guide families through the administrative process prior to clinical services. And, our Business  Office ladies are always busy behind the scenes working with parents and insurance companies to ensure services are smooth and uninterrupted. Our clerical team lays the essential groundwork for our clinical team. From the most basic demographic information to deeper insurance details, patient accounts are thoroughly reviewed, updated and worked to certify  the accuracy of our medical care services. Our Referrals and Medical Records ladies complete the clerical team by assisting parents with courtesy, ancillary services upon request.


Front Office Staff

picture of deanna fulcher

Deanna Fulcher, Office Administrator

picture of deanna johnson

DeAnna Johnson, Referrals Specialist

picture of bridget core

Bridget Core, Appointments Desk Receptionist

picture of sheila ivey

Sheila Ivey, Medical Records Supervisor

picture of laura atrian

Laura Atrian, Front Office Receptionist, Translator

picture of lisa spell

Lisa Spell, Front Office Receptionist

picture of emily benson

Emily Benson, Front Office Receptionist

picture of chris reed

Chris Reed, Front Office Receptionist

picture of shirley hall

Shirley Hall, Front Office Staff

Business Office Staff 


picture of myrenda wheeler

Myrenda Wheeler, Business Administrator

picture of darlene pennewill

Darlene Pennewill, Account Representative

picture of linda hose

Linda Hose, Account Representative