Measles in the U.S. and the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) Vaccine. Should you be concerned?


Let’s have an intelligent discussion about MEASLES If you have any access to electronic media: TV, radio, smart phone, social media, then you are well aware that measles has been discussed ferociously over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get an accurate picture or understanding of the current situation with measles in a 30 second sound bite or 140 characters. So, let’s spend a few minutes together and let’s take a

Update on H3N2 Influenza Infections and your Flu Vaccinations

Update on H3N2 Influenza Infections and your Flu Vaccinations

Influenza infections, especially Influenza A, are increasing in our area. At ABC Pediatrics, we have vaccinated a record number of patients this year, some for the first time, which is GREAT news! However, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta are reporting that a strain of the influenza virus (H3N2) has “drifted” from the strain that was used to prepare components of this year’s vaccine. The CDC reports that 48% of the Influenza A

Beat it before it starts- Vaccinations & 14 vaccine-preventable diseases from ABC Pediatrics

This year, National Infant Immunization Week will be observed April 20th through the 27th. Annually, the week is recognized to emphasize the importance of protecting infants against vaccine-preventable diseases and to highlight the ongoing changes, improvements and future challenges faced by immunizing children. ABC Pediatrics is committed to educating parents and effectively immunizing patients from infancy to early adulthood against the 14 vaccine-preventable diseases listed below. The staff is always eager to answer any questions about immunizations.