Covid-19 Update-March 16,2020

Office Update 03/16/2020 Corona Virus

COVID 19 has most certainly impacted our activities of daily living.  This pandemic has closed our schools, cancelled our sporting events and limited social gatherings.  From a medical standpoint, symptoms of infection can range from mild respiratory symptoms to high fever and respiratory distress.  Our family members over the age of 60, those with chronic illnesses and those with weakened immune systems seem to be the most vulnerable.  We have learned new phrases — “SOCIAL DISTANCING” and “SELF QUARANTINE”. Anxiousness, frustration, worry, and fear are emotions that are running high at this time.

At ABC Pediatrics, our approach to this pandemic has been thoughtfully considered based on recommendations from local, state and federal agencies. We believe that our efforts will help protect our patients, our patients’ families, our staff and our staff’s families from this very serious and contagious virus.

  1. At this time, ALL persons seeking entrance to our building will be screened at the entrance utilizing COVID-19 CDC guidelines by our medical personnel.  Patients who are cleared by the screening process will be directed to return to their vehicles while paperwork is prepared.  When their provider is ready to see them, a staff member will call the patient/parent/guardian and escort them directly to our triage area and then directly to their exam room.  THERE WILL BE NO PATIENTS IN OUR WAITING ROOMS.
  2. Patients that DO NOT clear the screening process as outlined by CDC guidelines for COVID-19 WILL NOT be permitted inside our building.  Those patients not passing screening will have our medical providers COME TO THEM and they will be seen INSIDE THEIR VEHICLE.
  3. Efforts are underway to personally reach out to all patients with scheduled recheck and well appointments. WE are doing everything possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19 inside our facility.  None-the-less, IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED that well patients risk exposure by coming to our office.  ABC Pediatrics’ Provider/Nurse teams will be conducting personal phone calls in lieu of face to face visits for rechecks, medication management and mental health care.

You have demonstrated your trust and confidence in our healthcare team for over 25 years.  As mentioned at the beginning of this post, much thought and consideration have gone into our strategy so that we can CONTINUE to deliver the highest level of healthcare to you and your loved ones during these most unprecedented times.  We ask for your patience, support, and continued trust.  We will keep you updated on our status and notify you of any new modifications on a daily basis as we will continue to adjust our efforts to meet the needs as they are presented to us.  We are a well-tuned healthcare deliver team and WE WILL SEE EACH AND EVERYONE of our patients through this pandemic.

DON’T forget:  UTILIZE FREQUENT HAND-WASHING, SNEEZE or COUGH into the crease of your arm, and AVOID going out into the public as much as possible for the near future.

Thank you for the trust and confidence that you have placed in us.  We will keep you and your family in our prayers and would ask you to do the same for us.

God Bless!

Corona Virus Update

Update 03/13/2020
An administrative meeting was conducted today to discuss and develop a plan for how COVID19 (The CoronaVirus) will impact your child’s healthcare delivery over the next few weeks and beyond. Please know that extensive efforts are being put into place to ensure your family receives the same level of care you’ve come to expect from our ABC Pediatrics providers while considering the Center for Disease Control’s suggestions to limit social interactions. A detailed plan will be announced in the very near future.
Our plan will include patient guest limitations, patient and guest screening prior to entering the building, designated shifts for well patient appointments, telephonic visits with a provider, visits provided in your vehicle and efficient management for patients with COVID19 exposure or symptoms. Drs. Vince and Mary Ann Chiodo are actively working with local and state agencies to prepare the ENTIRE ABC PEDIATRICS’ FAMILY for the needed evaluation and management of the multi-faceted aspects of this pandemic. Please stay tuned for further updates and information. We GREATLY appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this never before experienced situation together.
Original Update:
Based on calls already flooding into the office about the positive Coronavirus (COVID19) in NC, Drs. Vince and Mary Ann would like our families to refer to the CDC’s website/suggestions. She feels they have compiled the most accurate, up-to-date and easy to follow information about the virus. Parents should know that our entire health care team is staying abreast of the signs, symptoms and treatment for the virus and will continue to provide the best medical treatment possible for anyone that may be affected.
Our best tip for today:

Best of Harnett County 2019 Results

ABC wins Best Pediatric and Medical Facility!

Greetings ABC FAM! The Daily Record‘s 2019 Best of Harnett County results are in and now official! Thanks to many of you, ABC Pediatrics has been voted the #1 Pediatric Facility in Harnett County for a 3rd year in a row! In addition, we are proud to announce that we were awarded Best Medical Facility in it’s first year as a category! 

The ABC Family is also excited to announce results for our individual providers and staff as well! ABC providers Kayla Tyndall, PA-C and Rhonda Torchio, PA-C won 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the best pediatrician category! Elizabeth “Lis” West, PNP was voted 3rd in the Best Doctor/PA category and Michelle Westbrook, LPN won 2nd place in the Best Nurse category. Wow! 

Our ABC Pediatrics’ family would like to extend our warmest appreciation to all of our patients and parents who took the time to express your opinion of the services we provide to our community. If you’d like to find out more about Abc as your pediatrician please take a look at our new patients page here or call 910-892-1333.

best of harnett 2019 results

School Preparedness Appointments and Assessments

It’s School Preparation Time at ABC Pediatrics!

Our staff is READY to help school-age students complete all the requirements for their health assessments for the 2018 – 2019 School Year!

Every year for the last 24 years, we’ve experienced a flood of appointment requests in the two to three weeks leading up to the first day of school for physicals, asthma and ADHD management, and immunization updates.   (more…)

ABC’s Biennial Lab Review by COLA another huge success!



The laboratory at ABC Pediatrics scored 99%! on its recent biennial review by COLA!  

Please join our ABC Pediatrics’ staff in congratulating our Laboratory Team for not only achieving this level of recognition and this prestigious award, but also for its day in and day out exceptional handling of your child’s laboratory specimens. (more…)