ABC Pediatrics’ provides asthma management services to Harnett County and surrounding areas. We are capable of providing in-depth testing, analysis and monitoring of our asthma patients’ lung status by use of quick and painless spirometry.  With spirometry, a patient exhales quickly into a device.  Calculations are performed on a computer and the patient’s results are compared to the patient’s previous results and standardized norms for age.  The objective data from spirometry is invaluable in evaluating a patient’s true lung function and formulating a plan for treatment and management.  Even though a patient with asthma may “feel” fine, spirometry determines how his/her lungs are doing. In addition, many of our providers have a special interest in asthma management and stay current on the most up-to-date therapies and medications available on the market to allow their patients to get the most out of their daily living and have the least interference from their asthma.

asthma management services harnett county
Illustration by Emily Roberts, Verywell