ABC Pediatrics’ ADHD test system consists of using electronic Quotient® testing in addition to paper based evaluation tools to help our patients and parents who are concerned about ADHD. We employ two mental health providers named Melanie Crumpler (pictured below) and Michael Martin. They work in conjunction with our medical provider teams to provide integrated mental health care to our patients.

ABOUT Quotient® testing

Quotient® testing is a cutting-edge ADHD Test that utilizes new technology and software that assists us in accurately diagnosing ADHD by using objective measurements. Quotient® testing is also beneficial for our patients already diagnosed with ADHD in that the information obtained from Quotient® testing allows our providers to evaluate a patient’s current medication regimen and make adjustments for optimal individualized benefits.

WHEN and HOW does it work

Patients as young as 6 experiencing problems in school or at home with hyperactivity, attention problems or behavior concerns are candidates for Quotient® testing. The ADHD test process is as easy as playing a video game on a computer. A patient is brought back to an office rather than a regular exam room. He/she sits behind a desk in front of a laptop computer and responds to objects presented on the screen for 15 or 20 minutes, depending upon his/her age. A lightweight headband (“crown”) is placed on the head of the patient. The crown is equipped with a sensor (“grey ball”) that is positioned in the center of the headband. The grey ball “talks” to the Quotient® computer software continuously while the patient is responding to the objects presented on the screen.  The grey ball monitors and records the patient’s activities during his/her time in front of the computer screen.

Once the test is complete, the Quotient® software then uses the information collected during the testing and compares the patient’s results to known parameters associated with ADHD.  The coolest thing is that all of the data is generated and compiled during the testing procedure. This allows for the results to be available for the patient’s provider immediately after the test is completed! A color-coded report is prepared showing the results and is presented to the patient and his/her parents by one of us within minutes of finishing the test.  We use the data to formulate an individualized treatment plan tailored specifically for each patient. If a patient is already on a treatment plan, the testing results are used to maximize the benefits of those medications and potentially reduce any annoying side effects. The entire process from scheduling a test to the review of the results are handled right here in our office. No travelling to another facility is needed.

CONTACT us about this service

We are excited by how this ADHD test has already helped and improved the daily lives of a large number of our patients. If you have any questions about our Quotient® testing service or think that it might be helpful for someone you know, fill out the required form below or please call our assistant, Maria at (910) 892-1333, ext. 2277.