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I want to wish EVERYONE at ABC Pediatrics and ALL the patients and families of ABC Pediatrics a wonderful Christmas and holiday season! May your lives be blessed by the wonderful gift of Our Savior, Jesus Christ. This year, 2020, has been a very unusual whirlwind year for everyone, especially for all the dedicated healthcare workers. I am SO SO proud of all of you at ABC and all that you do day in and day out for the patients and families of ABC Pediatrics and for the entire community. The Facebook video portraying a typical day at ABC is amazing and so heartwarming. All of the patients and their families are so blessed to have ABC’s team to care for them. I miss everyone so much and I wish that I could be there working with all of you and helping our patients. When I went out on medical leave back in February I anticipated being back to work in a few months. However, my medical leave of absence has evolved into my official retirement with the COVID Pandemic and everything that is ongoing now. I had not planned to retire now, but God had a different plan for me and His timing is ALWAYS perfect. I am blessed that this retirement chapter of my life is allowing me to “slow down and smell the roses,” as my Daddy always used to say. Waking up every day to enjoy another sunrise, being healthy, spending more time with my amazing family, and making more memories with my precious grandchildren are all extra special bonuses that I can enjoy more now. It has been said that being a Peace Corps volunteer is the “toughest job you will ever love.” I was a Peace Corps volunteer for 3 years in Brazil and yes, it was tough, but yes, I loved it. My experience in the Peace Corps and living in Brazil is what inspired me to become a PA when I returned to the states to live.  I believe that everyone should be privileged to have a job that they really enjoy and not just go to work for an income. I can honestly say that I have LOVED my career as a PA for the past 32 years, the last 22 of which have been at ABC Pediatrics. I have been blessed to work alongside amazing caregivers who are all very dear and precious to me. And when I say caregivers, I mean the Doctors, PAs, NPs, Mental Health, Laboratory, Allergy team, Nurses, Clinical Staff, Administrative, Business Office and Housekeeping Staff, because it takes EVERYONE working together to make up the great ABC Pediatrics Healthcare team. I truly love the people I have been privileged to work with and the many patients that I have treated over the years. Each of you has touched my life in a special way and I am so grateful that God allowed our paths to cross and to have so many wonderful memories which I will cherish always. A very big THANK YOU to everyone at ABC PEDIATRICS and a big THANK YOU to all the patients I have seen over the years, and to their parents who entrusted their children’s care to me.


Love & prayers to all,

Gloria Jordan, PA-C