Let's Discuss Covid Testing at ABC Pediatrics..

Some of the more recent discussions regarding COVID-19 are centering around TESTING.  Rapid testing. Antigen testing. Molecular testing. PCR testing.

Has your employer or your child’s school or daycare presented you with questions or guidelines concerning COVID testing that has you scratching your head?  It is our hope that the following will provide you some general knowledge and clarification regarding COVID TESTING as we continue to work together to manage and conquer this ongoing COVID CHAOS!

Let's clarify:

  • Although originally meant to simply indicate that results would be available the same day as the test, RAPID TESTING can have different meanings in today’s discussions.  In the past, RAPID TESTING generally referred to antigen testing.  However, with today’s new technology, RAPID TESTING can also be used to describe MOLECULAR Testing.
  • With Antigen Testing, a nasal sample is used to determine if specific COVID 19 PROTEINS found on the virus’s surface are present in your nasal secretions.  If this test is POSITIVE, it is likely that you currently carry the virus.  However, if this test is NEGATIVE, most experts recommend that this test is “FOLLOWED UP or CONFIRMED BY A MOLECULAR TEST”.
  • MOLECULAR TESTING, commonly referred to as “PCR TESTING”, is a more definitive test which looks for specific parts of the viral genome from a swab of your nasal secretions.  In the past, it would take several days to get results back from MOLECULAR TESTING.  However, advances in technology have resulted in “RAPID MOLECULAR TESTING” that can provide results in as little as 15-45 minutes.  RAPID MOLECULAR TESTING can be utilized for COVID, FLU and RSV determinations and does NOT require that it be followed up or confirmed by an additional test.

At ABC PEDIATRICS, we have the technology, equipment, and the capability to perform RAPID COVID, FLU and RSV MOLECULAR testing on our patients with results available within 15 - 45 minutes of the collection of the nasal sampleOur In-House testing methodologies and results have been verified by the NC Department of Health and Human Services to be acceptable for testing in children who have been or are at risk of  being excluded from school or daycare due to COVID exposure or illness.

If you are concerned that your child may have been exposed or may be infected with the COVID-19 virus (or FLU or RSV) and would like to have a RAPID MOLECULAR TEST performed, please call our office at 910.892.1333 and schedule an appointment to be evaluated by one of our providers.