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ABC Pediatrics has developed a multifaceted approach to ensure patients receive UNINTERRUPTED well care, medication management, mental health care and allergy immunotherapy, while still maintaining service for our sick patients during this ever-changing COVID-19 environment. Our process is described below.

ALL persons requesting entrance to our building are being screened by our clinical personnel utilizing COVID-19 CDC guidelines. Outside screeners take precautions to protect both themselves and our guests by wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Please prepare your little ones. We may look a little different from the last time that they came to our office, but the costume is for everyone’s protection. 

The following questions must be appropriately answered to gain entrance to the building. 

Exposure to COVID19?

Anyone at home been TESTED for COVID in the past 14 days?

In Hospital or ER in the last 14 Days?

Fever in the last 72 hours?

Cough in the last 72 hours?

Shortness of breath?

Cold Symptoms?

Loss of Taste or Smell?

Sore throat?


Body aches/fatigue?

If you answered YES to any of the screening questions above, please call us to discuss options for your child’s care.

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> Patients who are cleared by the screening process will receive an entry bracelet and directed to the front office for check-in processing. ALL persons over the age of two will be required to wear a mask in the building.

> Patients that DO NOT clear the screening process WILL NOT be permitted inside our building. Options for care include, changing the appointment to a telehealth visit, rescheduling the appointment, or performing a RAPID, same day COVID-19 test. A negative COVID-19 result will enable our staff to proceed with the scheduled appointment. 

WE are doing everything possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while obeying the guidelines of social distancing. However, we recognize the importance of maintaining ongoing and complete health care for our patients. 


  • SICK CARE: Two health care provider teams are designated daily for our MOBILE CLINIC. Call 910-892-1333 for an appointment time. Sick patients are isolated to their vehicles and necessary care is provided inside their vehicles. There are very few limitations for providers to provide care to sick patients. All previously IN-OFFICE services are available to our patients being seen in their vehicle. Lab testing, nebulizer treatments and medication administration remain available for vehicle visits.
  • NEWBORNS & WELL CARE: Scheduled patients are brought into specifically designated and maintained areas of our office that are exclusively utilized for well patients. Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing measures are performed repeatedly after each patient visit to ensure the MAXIMUM protection for our patients. Segregated triage and lab collection processes are being employed that will also protect patients from extraneous exposure to other well patients.
  • TELEPHONIC & VIRTUAL CALLS: Patients needing provider advice and/or medication management but do not pass screening or prefer to limit exposure by not scheduling an in-office visit can maintain their child’s healthcare needs by scheduling a telehealth visit. Telehealth (video call) appointments can be coordinated with the patient’s primary care provider by calling 910-892-1333.
  • MENTAL HEALTH CARE: Our mental health department is fully staffed. Counselors are providing face to face sessions or connecting to patients via telehealth (video call). For scheduling, questions or additional information, please call our Mental Health Department at 910-892-1333, ext 2277 and speak with Maria or Victoria.
  • ALLERGY DEPARTMENT:  We will continue to support our patients receiving IN-OFFICE allergy injections on your regularly scheduled visits. For scheduling, questions, or additional information, please call our ALLERGY DEPARTMENT at 910-892-1333, ext 2241, and speak to Sandra or Jennifer.

Your patience, support, and continued trust in what we do here at ABC PEDIATRICS are sincerely appreciated. 

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