New Hours- Effective Monday, 07.13.20- Monday thru Friday, 8:00am until 4:15pm

SAME DAY sick and urgent visits are AVAILABLE daily in our MOBILE CLINIC. PLEASE CALL for a MOBILE CLINIC appointment time. Sick patients are isolated and necessary care is provided inside their vehicles. Services such as lab testing, nebulizer treatments and medication administration remain available for vehicle visits.

Provider/Nurse teams are designated daily for newborn infant care, well physical exams and chronic follow up care. Scheduled patients are brought into specifically designated and maintained areas of our office that are exclusively utilized for well patients and their families that pass screening. Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing measures are performed repeatedly after each patient visit to ensure the MAXIMUM protection for our patients. Segregated triage and lab collection processes are being employed that will also protect patients from exposure to other patients. Masks or face coverings are required for all non-infant guests seeking entrance to our building.

School plans remain uncertain but we want students to be prepared. School physicals, asthma maintenance, chronic medication regimen follow ups will all be a priority. Our mental health department also remains fully staffed. Our counselors are connecting with patients for counseling and ADHD testing. For questions or additional information, please request to speak with Maria or Victoria at ext 2277.

IN-OFFICE allergy testing and immunotherapy injections are also available. For questions or additional information, please dial ext. 2241.

As always, when our office is closed, our after hours service remains available for your convenience. Just dial our main number and follow the after-hours instructions.

THANK YOU! For your support and understanding as we move through the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic together.

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