COVID-19 has closed our schools for the time being. However, we are confident that each passing day of social distancing brings us one more day closer to the time that we can resume some normal activities. Sending our children back to school is one of those anticipated activities. There will be no delay at ABC Pediatrics in ensuring that your child is ready for Kindergarten! Despite the current pandemic, we’ve restructured our entire office approach to patient care according to American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines to ensure your child’s appointment is conducted SAFELY. Our goal is to keep your child on target for this important milestone so there are no issues for his/her enrollment when our schools reopen. We have the necessary immunizations available and the appropriate state forms on file as well.

Not sure what to expect? Below is a list of services provided by our ABC Pediatrics’ Health Care Team that will be performed at your child’s Kindergarten health assessment visit. ALL services listed are performed on site during the visit.

  • Check his/her height

  • Check his/her weight

  • Check his/her temperature

  • Obtain a urine specimen and a small sample of blood from him/her for lab testing

  • Test his/her hearing

  • Check his/her ability to see by performing two different and fun vision assessments

  • Review answers to several questions to confirm his/her readiness for school

  • Perform a complete physical exam to make sure he/she is healthy

  • Make recommendations based on the readiness questionnaire and the physical exam that will allow for the best possible school year results

  • Administer any necessary and required vaccines

  • Complete his/her required Kindergarten health assessment form

  • Give stickers, hugs, and best wishes to him/her for a fantastic year in Kindergarten!


Please call us today for an appointment at 910-892-1333.