Update 03/13/2020
An administrative meeting was conducted today to discuss and develop a plan for how COVID19 (The CoronaVirus) will impact your child’s healthcare delivery over the next few weeks and beyond. Please know that extensive efforts are being put into place to ensure your family receives the same level of care you’ve come to expect from our ABC Pediatrics providers while considering the Center for Disease Control’s suggestions to limit social interactions. A detailed plan will be announced in the very near future.
Our plan will include patient guest limitations, patient and guest screening prior to entering the building, designated shifts for well patient appointments, telephonic visits with a provider, visits provided in your vehicle and efficient management for patients with COVID19 exposure or symptoms. Drs. Vince and Mary Ann Chiodo are actively working with local and state agencies to prepare the ENTIRE ABC PEDIATRICS’ FAMILY for the needed evaluation and management of the multi-faceted aspects of this pandemic. Please stay tuned for further updates and information. We GREATLY appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this never before experienced situation together.
Original Update:
Based on calls already flooding into the office about the positive Coronavirus (COVID19) in NC, Drs. Vince and Mary Ann would like our families to refer to the CDC’s website/suggestions. She feels they have compiled the most accurate, up-to-date and easy to follow information about the virus. Parents should know that our entire health care team is staying abreast of the signs, symptoms and treatment for the virus and will continue to provide the best medical treatment possible for anyone that may be affected.
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