Happy New Year everyone! Did you know??.. Research suggests that only 9.2% of New Years’ Resolutions are met! This year, rather than choosing resolutions that may only last a few weeks, try setting GOALS to work towards instead!  Resolutions can often be extreme or unrealistic expectations; while GOALS can provide a road map to reach a final destination or outcome. 

When a child or adolescent meets with one of our 3 Licensed Clinical Social Workers, the clinician, patient, and parent work together to set realistic GOALS in order to accomplish or achieve improvement in the presenting concerns. Throughout the counseling process, these GOALS are reevaluated and assessed to determine if they have been met or need adjusting.  This ongoing and dynamic interaction encourages continuation of the process and helps to determine the next steps to steadily move toward the GOALS.  

We at ABC Pediatrics encourage you to evaluate your own GOALS for 2019.  If we can be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would welcome the opportunity to help you design your own “road map” to success as we move into 2019!”