It’s School Preparation Time at ABC Pediatrics!

Our staff is READY to help school-age students complete all the requirements for their health assessments for the 2018 – 2019 School Year!

Every year for the last 24 years, we’ve experienced a flood of appointment requests in the two to three weeks leading up to the first day of school for physicals, asthma and ADHD management, and immunization updates.  

GUESS WHAT? You can beat the rush and schedule your child’s appointment NOW while we can offer appointments within 24 hours!  The benefit of scheduling NOW is that you can truly enjoy the warm summer months knowing that your child has his/her school readiness medical visit already DONE!  Our providers are ready, eager and well prepared to get your child ready for the upcoming school year! Not sure when your child is due for a physical or a maintenance visit?  Our staff is available to check your child’s visit history, immunization status, and discuss just what he/she may need for the upcoming school year.

Call TODAY!  (910) 892-1333


Below is a list of services provided by our ABC Pediatrics’ Health Care Team that may be performed to ensure he/she is ready for school!

  • Check to see how tall he/she is
  • Check his/her weight
  • Check his/her Blood Pressure  
  • Obtain a urine specimen and a small sample of blood from him/her for lab testing
  • Test his/her hearing
  • Check his/her ability to see by performing acuity and depth perception vision assessments
  • Review responses to age-appropriate questions to evaluate and confirm his/her readiness for school
  • Review current medication regimens and if needed, provide refills
  • Perform an EKG (measures heart activity)
  • Perform Spirometry (lung capacity and function) test
  • Perform a complete physical exam to make sure he/she is healthy
  • Make recommendations that will allow for the best possible school year performance
  • Administer any necessary and required vaccines
  • Complete his/her required school forms
  • Give stickers, hugs and best wishes to him/her for a fantastic year in school!  


School-age patients will receive a cool water bottle for getting their school visit done early! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

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