On a note of sadness and regret, Reggie Locklear, PA-C will be moving to Florida and will be leaving our ABC Pediatrics’ Health Care Team and our ABC Pediatrics’ Family. His last day with ABC Pediatrics will be August 3rd. Reggie has shared his talents with us and his patients for nearly 18 years! I know that we will all miss Reggie, his panache, his camaraderie, and his presence in the office. Despite our sadness, we certainly wish him only the best and thank him for his many years of patient care and service.

Click to Expand.. These are many of the notes, pics, letters Reggie has received over the years!

If you’d like to send Reggie a special message for his scrapbook you can submit it using the form below. We are going to compile all submissions and present these to him before he leaves.

ABC Family bids farewell to Reggie Locklear, PA-C