ABC Pediatrics has now incorporated the latest flu testing technology into our in-office lab.  The new testing, called rapid molecular testing, detects RNA (ribonucleic acid) molecules of the influenza virus. With a simple swab of the nose, a sample is collected and processed using the new testing method, which can quickly and more accurately determine if your child is infected with the flu virus.

Symptoms of the dreaded influenza virus, or “flu”, may include fever, runny nose, sore throat, muscle aches, headache, coughing, and feeling tired. These symptoms usually start affecting your child soon after he or she comes into contact with the flu virus. Most influenza cases last 7 – 14 days.  Seasonal flu outbreaks usually begin suddenly and occur mainly in the late fall and winter seasons. The flu can also lead to secondary infections like pneumonia or sinus infections, and existing health problems, such as asthma, can become even worse.

Our new rapid molecular test for flu takes less than 15 minutes and is highly accurate since it detects the RNA of the influenza virus; even if the RNA is present is tiny quantities.  This allows for earlier diagnosis and thus, earlier use of anti-viral therapy.  Since influenza is a virus, there is no “treatment” for it, but anti-viral therapy prevents the virus from multiplying.  The sooner the anti-viral therapy is started, the less the flu virus can multiply.  With less virus in your child’s body, the severity and symptoms of the infection will be decreased, and the sooner he or she will get well.  Early diagnosis also allows those infected to take precautions sooner, which can help to decrease the spread of the virus.  

ABC Pediatrics continues its commitment that began over 22 years ago to provide the latest technology to our patients in order to improve their wellness and treat their illnesses.  This new rapid molecular flu testing technology continues that commitment.  The testing is covered by most commercial insurances and North Carolina Medicaid.  If your child is experiencing any of the flu symptoms mentioned above, call Bridget at 910.892.1333 and make an appointment to determine if he or she does indeed have the flu.  Finding out if your child’s symptoms are due to the influenza virus is important for your whole family!  Call TODAY!

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