ABC Pediatrics is offering our 2nd annual Polar Express Celebration for our patients to kick off the winter season here in Dunn. We’re hoping for a little snow this winter and to encourage Mother Nature to cooperate, in conjunction with our Polar Express Celebration, we are offering our patients the opportunity to enter our Polar Express Snowball Promotion!

When one of our registered patients visits our office between Monday, November 28th and Wednesday, December 21st, he or she will have the opportunity to “Take a Guess” at the number of snowballs held in a container at our Registration Desk.


On Thursday, December 22nd, at 12 Noon, ALL entries will be evaluated to see who has made the closest guess to the actual number of snowballs in the container. If there should be more than one entry that shows the correct answer, a drawing will be held from those entries to determine the WINNER!.

And just what do you win??? Well, since ABC Pediatrics remains committed to supporting the success of our local businesses, we want to encourage our patients and their families to patronize and enjoy the talents of our local professionals, restaurants and businesses. To that end, ABC Pediatrics has purchased Gift Cards totaling $275.00 from several local businesses and included them in our prize package! Our Polar Express, Snowball Promotion will include Gift Cards from Arthur’s Pizzeria, Broad Street Deli, Buffaloe Lanes, Jernigan’s, Mi Casita, Sagebrush Steakhouse, Sherry’s Bakery, Sweet Frog and Tart’s.

So, as a registered patient of ABC Pediatrics, when you come to our office on your next visit, DON’T FORGET to register your guess on the number of snowballs inside the container. YOU could be the lucky winner of the $275.00 prize package for you and your family to enjoy this winter season! Good Luck!


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