We currently live in an electronic age that allows for immediate connections to world-wide events. Twenty-four hour news cycles are created, documented and shared by social media postings, radio transmissions and television broadcasts.

Recently, these venues have negatively focused on law enforcement officers around our country and their daily struggle to make split-second decisions as they attempt to protect us and uphold the laws that we, as responsible citizens, should abide by.

We, the staff at ABC Pediatrics, feel compelled to express our sincerest appreciation to the men and women of our local law enforcement agencies and want them to know that we support their efforts.

law enforcement appreciation

In a Democratic Republic, opinions are voiced and laws are created for everyone’s protection. If there is disagreement with a law or its intent, we have the Constitutional right to question it and voice our disagreement in a rational manner. We each have personal responsibility for our opinions and our actions. When our actions lead to illegal activities that infringe on someone else’s rights, we have empowered our law enforcement agencies to take corrective actions. We have given them that responsibility.

ABC Pediatrics appreciates each day that law enforcement officers leave their families and risk their lives to enforce our laws. We appreciate every time that an irresponsible driver, who chooses to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is pulled over and removed from our roadways so highway collisions and fatalities are decreased. We appreciate every time an intruder is captured so as to decrease future home and business burglaries and crimes. We appreciate each time an illegal meth lab is discovered, shut down and the operators jailed or a drug dealer is imprisoned, so as to prevent one less opportunity for our children to get addicted to these poisons. We appreciate every time a murder case is solved and the perpetrator jailed so that one less murderer is roaming freely in our community. We appreciate every time an abuser is caught and jailed to keep the innocent victims safe from one less offender. We appreciate every law enforcement public service group that increases awareness about crime and criminals to their local citizens and school age children.

We believe every man, woman and child makes personal choices throughout the course of their daily lives. We support and we firmly believe in every person’s God given right and freedom to make their own choices. However, they should also accept and “own” the consequences of those choices and not make excuses for them. And when those personal choices break the laws we have in place and/or interfere with another person’s pursuit of happiness, we want our law enforcement agencies to know that we appreciate their efforts and actions to bring those law breakers to justice and deeply regret any loss of life in that process.

We at ABC Pediatrics have always held the sanctity of life in the highest regard, from the moment of conception, to the moment of natural death. We believe EVERY LIFE is equally sacred. No one life is less sacred because of skin color or race or religious belief. Often times, law enforcement officials are faced with life or death situations that require split-second decision making. We pray that our Lord will protect them and guide them in those split-second moments as they carry out their duties and enforce the laws that they swore an oath to uphold. In addition, please accept our heart-felt thanks and our sincerest appreciation for all your efforts on our behalf.

abc pediatrics statue under gazebo
ABC’s Respect Life Statue under the gazebo in front of our office.

One thought on “A Special Thank You to our Law Enforcement Officers

  • July 13, 2016 at 11:21 am

    I cant tell you what it meant to read your “thank you letter” to law enforcement this morning. My husband and I are both LEO’s.
    I, too, am saddened and carry a heavy heart everytime an incident occurs with police in which a life is ended . I am saddened for the family of the deceased as well as the family of the officer. It is not a decision and action that is made carelessly or lightly.
    I could go on and on about the countless positive actions that media chooses never to air but instead focus ONLY on the unfortunate few encounters out of thousands of good ones across this great country that occur every day between citizens and officers, but i wont. Instead, i will simply say this:
    I am greatful that i am trusting my children’s care with those that understand and trust us as LEO’s as well. And understand the value of life. Life of any race, creed, color, religion, or occupation. We are all Gods children. So, thank you ABC! You have made my morning a little brighter.


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