I LOVE watching movies with my kids! I love the action, the adventure, the comedy, AND I love that children’s movies, cartoons and books can often teach us important lessons.

Here are a few examples:
  1. We learned from Spiderman that “with great power comes great responsibility,” which means that positions of power or special
    talents come with the “responsibility” of using them wisely.
  2. My Star Wars friends often say “May the FORCE be with you,” which is talking about a positive influence (God or a Higher Power) being
    with you to guide and protect you.
  3. Mary Poppins sings, “A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down,” which is REALLY her sneaky way of teaching the power of a positive attitude.
  4. Even Master Splinter from TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) teaches “Leadership is not about being appreciated; it is about responsibility. It does not matter that the burden is heavy; it matters that you carry it.” One guess what that message is about…
As we start a new year and a new semester, I have a different movie message on my mind. I encourage all of you to take this wise instruction from

Queen Elsa (you know who she is, right?):

 “Let It Go!” The song, of course, is sung by EVERY pre-school and elementary school girl everywhere, but it is not just about the newest Disney Princess building a cool castle out of ice!
elsa image

The LESSON in the 1st verse (you KNOW you know it) is to RELEASE the fear and anger you keep inside and STOP trying to be perfect. NO ONE is perfect, nor should they be. Instead, BE YOURSELF!

Thechorus cheers us to: “Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore.” It’s talking about the natural volcano ALL of us have inside that FILLS and BUILDS with anxiety, anger, sadness, fear and STRESS until it EXPLODES! The lesson in the chorus is that if we learn to “Let it go” BEFORE it can fill up, we can avoid the explosion.

The 2nd verse is my favorite! It starts by reminding us that if we separate ourselves from our stress – worry, anger, anxiety, fear, grief or sadness – it SHRINKS, and isn’t as big as we once thought! The verse teaches us that our stress, whatever the cause, can’t control us unless we LET it. It ends by reminding us that if we remember to take time to BREATHE – NOT respond, NOT react, NOT freak-out, JUST BREATHE – we will feel relief from the stress!
How do we put this advice into action when you find you are stressed or angry in 2015? Start with these simple examples from the movie:
  1. Build a SNOWMAN – or just go outside in the fresh air and sunshine. DO something fun or productive.
  2. RUN as fast as you can from the pack of wolves – get away from the stress and take a break.
  3. DON’T throw ice at people, someone could get hurt – burning off pent up stress and frustration is good; hurting others is bad.
  4. Be careful who you trust, especially with your love, friendship and deepest darkest secrets. There are REAL people just like Prince Hans.
  5. Trust your FAMILY with your life – they had your back when you were born, and someday they may need you to have there’s.
  6. CELEBRATE and focus on your talents and gifts, especially the GOOD they bring to the world. Don’t be afraid to share them with others, it will
    make you AND them feel better!

It is my hope that as you start this new year and this new school semester, you will not have any problems with stress or anger. However, if you do and you need someone to discuss your situation with, I am available to help. Please call me at ABC Pediatrics at 910.892.1333 and ask Bridget to schedule an appointment with me so that we can discuss your situation. With a positive attitude and the ability to deal with stress and anger effectively, you can go to “Infinity and Beyond!”

Feel free to add any comments below,

G. Crumpler, LCSW


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