The ABC Pediatrics’ In-Office Lab is an integral component in the care of our patients.  It is staffed by two fully trained and certified Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLTs) and a full time dedicated assistant.  These professionals are highly skilled at blood collection and trained in the processing and testing of specimens.  Our lab is equipped with everything necessary to collect specimens for tests requested by our Health Care team for the diagnosis and management of our patients. Our lab is COLA and CLIA accredited and voluntarily participates in monthly self-testing exercises (proficiency testing) that assure our staff maintains their level of expertise in all areas of testing.  However, our skill and expertise are just two components of our services.  Our staff members also pride themselves in knowing the name and the face of the patient that the specimen was collected from.  This relationship and familiarity allows for a less threatening and less fearful experience.  Our lab has the capability of providing test results in the office for over 60 tests while the patient is being seen by our provider.  This allows for our providers to review those test results with our patients before they even leave the office, leading to a more quick and accurate diagnosis and a customized treatment plan.  In the rare event that we do not do the testing requested in-house, we will have the result back from our reference lab by the next day.   For over 20 years, the goal of our In-Office Lab remains to maintain strict standards while offering high quality, efficient and friendly service to our patients.  

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From Left 

Terri Porter, MLT Assistant
Michelle Warren, MLT
Lisa Clayton, MLT, ASCP

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