Recently, the FDA or US Food & Drug Administration decided to phase out the use of ALL remaining trans-fats in the food industry. This news serves as a major win in what has been a long battle by advocates of good health.With that in mind, we decided to tap into the

thoughts of some of your favorite pediatric providers for some feedback on this major development. 

From Veronica Romero:
“It should have been banned a long time ago. There is no nutritional value
to the ingredient. It can lead to high levels of cholesterol and ultimately
plaques.  Plaques are very dangerous because they can break off and cause
blood clots then possibly a pulmonary embolism.  It is imperative that
cholesterol levels be checked annually and those that come back with
abnormal high levels of cholesterol be monitored every 3 months until normal
levels are obtained.  Low-fat diet with no trans fat is the most assured way
of staying heart healthy.” 

From Debbie Moore, PA-C:
” I feel that there has, for years, been good evidence that trans fats are

harmful if eaten in large amounts. It is a contributor to high cholesterol
and development of heart disease. I think that people should stay educated
about the foods they eat. Any food if ingested in large quantities can be
harmful. The government’s role in banning is controversial.  If there is
that much concern for regulating what goes into us and our health
Cigarettes/tobacco would have been banned 30 years ago. It is ultimately up
to us as individuals and parents to stay informed and make good choices for
ourselves and our family’s health and well being.”

Let us know your thoughts on this topic below and stay heart-healthy! ABC Pediatrics is available for appointments by calling 910-892-1333. 


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