Ms. Lis Discusses Child Development

Becoming a parent is the most wonderful experience a man or woman can experience, but it also fills us with doubts, worries and insecurities.  One of the most common questions parents ask me: “Is my child developing normally?” Being knowledgeable of developmental milestones that are expected in your infant’s first year of life can often calm concerns.

I am Lis West, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at ABC Pediatrics. My patients know me as “Ms. Lis.” I am the parent of two wonderful boys who have grown up into two wonderful adults. As a parent, I had the same concerns as most parents do. Knowing what to look for as my sons grew helped a lot. Most importantly, I kept an active and close relationship with their pediatrician, which lead to an early identification of autism in my older child and eased any concerns about my younger son’s development.

Lis West

It is my goal as a pediatric health care provider to help parents identify important developmental milestones for their children. Here are a few activities that I suggest parents watch for based on their child’s age:

1 month old

  • Hands fisted
  • Face responds to sound
  • Lifts head when on tummy
  • Stares at others
  • Follows with eyes

2 months old

         Follows object past midline

         Coos and vocalizes

         Lefts head 45o when on tummy

         Smiles at others

         Stays awake more than 1-2 hours at a time

4 month old

         Hands open to mouth

         Laughs, squeals, turns toward voice

         Sits with support

         Rolls from tummy to back

         Smiles spontaneously

6 months old

         Reaches and palms with both hands

         Babbles (bababababa)

         Sits by self, stands with hands held

         Reaches for toys

         Recognizes strangers

         Begin solids

9 months old

         Picks things up with fingers

         Says “mama/dada” nonspecifically

         Understands “no”

         Pulls to stand

         Feeds self finger foods, waves bye

12 months old

         Helps turns pages of a book

         Says 2-3 words, follows commands with gesture

         Stands by self, walks with 1 hand held

         Points to what he/she wants

If you have concerns about you child’s development, please call our office 910-892-1333 and speak to Bridget. She will be happy to schedule an appointment for you and your child to see me. Early detection for any developmental delay is the best intervention you can do for your child.

Take care,

Ms. Lis

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