Childhood Obesity is a growing problem among my patients. The effects of obesity (or excess body weight) impact all aspects of their lives. The problems span from heart problems, abnormal cholesterol and blood pressure levels to diabetes, sleep issues as well as social problems.
I’m Robert Deckert, PA-C. My patients know me as “Mr. Bob”. Being the father of five children, I’m very concerned about obesity among our youth and I am an advocate of very simple lifestyle choices that will often prevent and control obesity.
Rule # 1: Water, water and more water; at least eight glasses or five bottles of

water a day is a must.

Rule # 2: Food should be thought of as fuel. Eating only what is needed to keep the body going is the goal.
Rule # 3: Choose smart. Foods with the smallest and simplest ingredient list are the best for the body. Added chemicals and preservatives are the enemy.
Rule # 4: Stay active. Lots of physical activity is good for the body and will keep it functioning at its best. Pushups are a great exercise that can be done anywhere. I’ll be glad to do some with you.
Rule # 5: Get a yearly physical. A full check up every year is a chance for patients and their providers to talk about general health, discuss problem areas and set goals.
Because childhood obesity is a concerning topic for everyone at ABC Pediatrics, we’ve partnered with Community Care of the Sandhills and the providers of First Health to provide free, referral based dietitian services. The dietitian service is available in our office through tele-health equipment. Patients are scheduled with the dietitian and sessions are held video-chat style. The project is proving to be a success for many of our patients. 
As summer approaches, I encourage you to get out and enjoy it! Remember that the slower summer months are better for scheduling yearly physicals.
Take care and drink your water,
Mr. Bob

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